All Job Listing (Latest 150 jobs)

Call Centre Telesales Executive / Telesales Representative (REF:LSA208079A)

Executive Assistant /Executive Secretary - Listed Company (Wanchai) 5 Days 25-28k (REF:SEL08088A)

HR Payroll Specialist / Senior HR Officer (Asia Pacific) MNC 5 Days Top Urgent (REF:TLT207087A)

Office Administration Officer/ Administration Officer Renovation Project (5 Days) Urgent 20-22k (REF:OFE207080A)

Financial System Analyst ERP / Sun System (MNC) 5 Days 25-28k Urgent (REF:SFH971313A)

Human Resources Officer (Operation & Administration) MNC 5 Days 18-22k (REF:SEW207808A)

Accountant – Contract 6 months 5 days MNC 25k (Urgent) QB (REF:KTL207855A)

Production Technician / Product Workers / Technician (Chemistry) MNC 10k (REF:CPC807090A)

Hotline Customer Service Officer / Customer Service Rep (Expatriate / Native English Speaker) 11-15k (REF:SLT207870A)

Warehouse Keeper / Storekeeper / Logistics Assistant (2 Post) 10-15k (REF:STJ208700A)

Sales Clerk / Shipping Clerk / Import & Export Clerk (Japanese Trading) 5 Days 11-12k (REF:PTE496718A)

Company Driver (CWB) 3 Post 13-16k + OT Pay Urgent (REF:DLT207087A)

Inventory Control & Procurement Officer / Inventory Control Supervisor (F & B) Urgent 15-20k (REF:ETL807099A)

Retail Sales Executive (Flagship Store in TST/Central) 5 days Many Post (REF:FLU901123A)

Administrative Officer / Administration & HR Officer (US Trading) 5 days 15-16k (REF:TEK507909A)

Senior Purchasing Manager / Sr Procurement Mgr (Chemistry / Chemical) Station in Guangzhou Urgent (REF:EOC651337A)

Sales and Marketing Manager (US Trading) 5 days (REF:TKE207807A)

e-Customer Service Representative / Executive (Email / Facebook) 11-14k Fresh Graduate Welcome (REF:TKE208078A)

Regional Information Technology Mgr / IT Infrastructure Mgr (MNC) 5 Days Station in Guangzhou 50-60k (REF:ETQ904011A)

Account System Implementation Manager (System Support & Internal Control) Sun Account - Asia (REF:SKT208087A)

Customer Support Officer / Customer Service Officer - Trading MNC 5 Days 12-13k (REF:HTE208038A)

Receptionist / Cashier / Front Desk Customer Service - MNC Luxury Products (Showroom) 5 Days 10-13k (REF:KTI902122A)

Product Marketing Executive / Product Marketing Officer - MNC 5 Days (REF:HTE208090A)

Deputy Financial Controller - MNC (5 Days) Station in Guangzhou (REF:TTC208708A)

Expatriate Customer Service Representative - Native English Call (Inbound Call) 12-15k (REF:MFK809923A)

Accounting Assistant / Accounting Clerk / Assistant Accountant - Trading MNC 5 Days 15-16k (REF:HTE208070A)

Technical Service Rep / Customer Technical Support Officer - English Hotline 12-15k Fresh University Graduate Welcome (REF:SCD961311C)

Hotline Customer Service Officer/Rep - Inbound Call Team (Many Post) 11-14k (REF:STE801023A)

Inbound Sales Executive / Sales Representative - Call Centre - Hotline (mainly inbound call only) (REF:SCD961311A)

Senior Administration Officer / Office Administration Specialist - 5 Days MNC 16-18k Urgent (REF: SWI981277A)

Trading Support Officer / Account Support Offcer / Customer Support Officer - MNC 17-18k (REF: KTE870804A)

Service Centre Representative / Customer Service Front Desk (5 Days) 12-15k (REF:SEW921228A)

Management Accountant / Accounting Supervisor - Contract 6 months 5 days 23-25k (REF: TSV506811A)

Office Receptionist / Administrative Assistant - 5 Days Urgent 15-18k (REF:KTJ809123A)

Logistics Officer / Warehouse Operation Assistant – MNC 5 Days 12-14 (REF:OEW761317A)

Warehouse Clerk (REF:IWE219119)

Project Manager (REF:HSC901885)

Senior Electronic Engineer (REF:ESQ381251)

Senior Merchancial Engineer (REF:SEW801211)

Project Engineer (REF:SEO133228)

Customer Service Engineer (REF:PEY901899)

System Sales Manager (REF:SEG913315)

Procurement & Inventory Co-ordinator (REF:CSA936113)

Financial Controller (REF:OSF139788)

Regional Marketing Manager (REF:MRS631311)

Market Research Manager (REF:PWI601377)

Senior Sales Co-ordinator (REF:WOC563111)

Logistics Supervisor (REF:SCC679942)

Operations Manager (REF:MJC939915)

IT System Infrastructure Officer (REF:ISG671312)

Shipping Clerk (REF:JCA791311)

EHS Manager - Environmental, Health & Safety (REF:SCC639111)

Human Resources Manager (REF:HCC937751)

Shipping Clerk (REF: JCA791318)

Senior Design Engineer (REF:SAD397911)

Assistant Sales Manager (REF:SSP691233)

Sales Supervisor (REF:SPS366113)

Inventory Control & CS Manager (REF:CIS637993)

Product Marketing Manager (REF:PWS331393)

Order Management Co-ordinator (REF:COM313341)

Channel Sales Manager (REF:MSO682816)

Product Marketing Executive (REF:MES136411)

Telesales Executive (REF:CSM966913)

Technical Support Engineer (REF:EPS341221)

Purchasing Manager (REF:PBM691377)

Technical Supervisor (REF:MTE313347)

Senior Sales Executive (REF:WSC791331)

Logistics Supervisor (REF:LSD561311)

Sales Manager (REF:SBM131915)

Quality Control Manager (REF:GZQ653711)

Senior Engineer (REF:SEE921181)

Executive Assistant (REF:LCS367713)

Project Engineer (REF:PQE921181)

Senior Sales Executive (REF:LCM317732)

Internal Audit Manager (REF:MAO633313)

Financial Controller (REF:RFC638346)

Senior Operations Manager (REF:ACK353345)

Internal Audit Manager (REF:AMC682231)

Executive Secretary (REF:ESL659935)

Energy Solution Engineer (REF:EBM256683)

Sales Engineer (REF:SEL696635)

Logistics Manager (REF:HIC368391)

Finance Manager (REF:FMA963386)

Customer Service Executive (REF:CEA996328)

Sales Manager (REF:GMS287783)

Senior Sales Executive (REF:SSA363387)

Senior Administration Officer (REF:MCC361259)

Marketing Specialist (REF:MCC365531)

Human Resources Assistant (REF:AHO288316)

Assistant Sales Manager (REF:SML689722)

Finance Manager (REF:LLM314476)

Assistant Sales Manager (REF:SEA138899)

Product Marketing Manager (REF:PSM316679)

Executive Assistant (REF:ESS469863)

Accountant (REF:AMP316683)

Logistics Clerk (REF:LCG268839)

Financial Controller (REF:PFD668388)

Assistant Administration Manager (REF:AME136695)

Accounting Manager (REF:AET265598)

HR and Admin Officer (REF:MLW285513)

Legal and Compliance Manager (REF:LBM224798)

Graphic Designer (REF:DGS239953)

Credit Control Assistant (REF:CLO223986)

Legal & Compliance Manager (REF:CEB281379)

Human Resources Officer (REF:HME692231)

Application Developer (REF:DAP136423)

Accounting Officer (REF:MCI466483)

Executive Assistant (REF:ELC202355)

Shipping Officer (REF:LMS252579)

Sales Engineer (REF:SEI283317)

Financial Controller (REF:ICF183363)

Compliance Analyst (REF:ECA282563)

Secretary (Contract) (REF:TCS135583)

Trade Support Officer (REF:OST282873)

Product Marketing Engineer (REF:MEC345583)

Regional Product Marketing Officer (REF:PDM183382)

Assistant HR Officer (REF:OFE728331)

Accounts Clerk (REF:AMC462811)

Business Development Manager (REF:DTB182366)

Senior Admin Officer (REF:SPA368678)

Secretary (REF:ACE258133)

Regional Product Marketing Manager (REF:ECM356829)

HR Officer (REF:ORD258537)

SAP Consultant (REF:JCO328288)

Assistant Logistics Manager (REF:MAI645513)

Human Resources Manager (REF:MRO854883)

Assistant Warehouse Manager (REF:MPO569863)

Receptionist (REF:APS256862)

Senior Accounting Officer (REF:PAO568588)

Part-time HR Assistant (REF:PAC854583)

Administration Officer (REF:ZAC689568)

HR Supervisor (REF:MHS658683)

Marketing Specialist (REF:MTE782546)

Accounts Clerk (REF:AOM568438)

Internal Communication Assistant (REF:IHC832638)

Analyst Programmer (REF:SAE731628)

Technical Supervisor (REF:TIA229712)

Accountant (REF:CES323877)

Assistant Logistics Officer (REF:WTX805113)

Business Support Officer (REF:BAF866583)

Procurement & Inventory Officer (REF:VSA604172)

Senior Inventory Analyst (REF:SPO965383)

Senior HR & Admin Officer (REF:HSF682779)

Financial Analyst (REF:FCL978586)

Senior Administration Officer (REF:SAO985562)

Assistant Sales Manager (REF:SPG323268)

Sales Administration Officer (REF:SCE916233)

Receptionist (REF:KST611827)

Guest Services Officer (REF:VSF982137)

Executive Assistant (REF:MEP716803)

Warehouse Assistant (REF:TAD603839)

Technician (REF:EPD742618)




Contact Information:

TEL: (852) 2155 2328

FAX: (852) 2111 2082



Employers' Hotline:

TEL: (852) 2155 2328



Employees' Hotline:

TEL: (852) 2155 2318




Suite 1808, 18/F,

Tai Yau Building,

181 Johnston Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong